Never Stop Exploring

In the spirit of being honest, I have something I must tell you.

It has to do with how I learned that I was an explorer. In college, I studied abroad in Spain. I also was in a sorority. I am a walking stereotype.

Feels good to get it out there.

But in truth, studying abroad taught me a lot. One of those things being: I have a great love for experiencing new places. These places don’t have to be extravagant. They could be in my hometown. They could be an hour down the road. Or on some occasions, they could be across the ocean.

And like most great loves, I don’t anticipate the feeling going away any time soon. So, I have made it a point to never stop exploring. Like the North Face slogan. Oh god, did I just quote an advertisement? Well, they do make excellent ski jackets. And apparently catchphrases.

But to me, the motto rings true, now more than ever. A new restaurant in town, a running trail that I’ve never encountered, an ice-cream shop in the middle of rural North Carolina. These are the makings of great love. And sometimes, when I’m really lucky, my love takes me to a whole new country with colorful row houses and a salty ocean breeze.

The point is, I am always seeking an adventure.

And exploring has led to some pretty great stories, which I can’t wait to share with all of you (shout out to the seven of you following this blog). I’ll make you a deal right here right now: I’ll share all my travel adventures, new explorations, and curiosities if you share yours.

When did you first know you were an explorer?