Settling for More

I’m not quitting my job to write! Yes, you read that correctly.

Though I must admit, there is something about people who do quit their day jobs to pursue a curiosity that I admire. Perhaps it’s the freedom or the risk or maybe just the fact that they look a bit shinier and more smiley in their Instagram posts.

Whatever it may be, in true responsible fashion, I am NOT quitting my job. I love being a career advisor, helping people mold and shape their dreams. It’s challenging and fun and keeps things interesting. Dare I say, it even fuels my creativity?

And don’t get me wrong, writing and I have a wonderful relationship. We don’t yell at each other, he is encouraging, we see eye-to-eye. For the most part. But, unfortunately for us both, he isn’t very reliable.

He’s more like the guy you meet in your twenties who you adore, want so badly to grow up – he has so much potential – but he just can’t quite get it together.

And maybe he’ll never be stable, but all the same, he’ll forever hold a little place in my heart. And I can’t give up on him now. What would his mother think?

So yeah, I’m not making any crazy moves. I’m not Eat, Pray, Loving it and breaking up with my husband, traveling all across the world and discovering the meaning of life. (Though I adore Liz Gilbert. If you haven’t read her books or listened to her podcast, stop reading now and do it.) But I am giving him the chance to grow under my tutelage. Kind of like what’s her name in Bull Durham.

And I can’t wait to see what happens when he is a little more refined, a little less risky, and a lot more mature.

Until then, you’ll hear from him here, in this blog, where he has some room to grow. Hopefully, he’ll learn how to put the seat down.