Being Brave

Are you scared?

This question is one that frequently visits me. From my own thoughts to people asking me about trying to publish a novel, “Are you scared?” tends to follow me around. Like a mean girl, I just can’t get rid of.

And the answer is yes. Of course I’m scared. I’m not a psychopath.

A million things could go wrong. I might not finish. I WILL get rejected. I might give up.

But the desire outweighs the fear. And as my 30th birthday approaches, I have decided to be brave. Not fearful. Not fearless. But brave.

After all, my favorite people are the brave ones. The ones who are scared but do it anyway. Like Harry Potter fighting Voldermort with all his friends. Those kids were badass. I adore Harry Potter, by the way. And not just because it is a wonderful story, which it totally is. But because the characters in it are bold.

Defeat Voldermort, the darkest wizard of all time? Sure. But not without fear tagging along.

I have chosen to believe that fear is part of the excitement. It’s part of the adventure of traveling into unknown territory. And in the end, every one of us has to decide, is it worth it? Does your desire outweigh your fear?

What fears are tagging along with your dreams?

Photo by Juan Di Nella on Unsplash