Exploring Greensboro, NC

Hometown Happenings

Only in the last year or so have I decided to embrace my good old hometown.

I must admit, until recently, I attributed a level of failure to the fact that I moved back as an adult. I kept thinking I would run into old college friends at cocktail parties who would say something like, “You moved back home?” and I would have to cower and hide in shame behind the largest and nearest dumpster. But the truth is, Jeansboro has a lot to offer.

Cue eye rolls from those of you who grew up in the Boro. I understand. It was a sleepy little city where downtown was a bit sketchy and the coolest thing to do involved not getting caught at a house party when someone was lucky enough to have one. High school. What an interesting time.

But, looking back on the past 11 years, there have been a lot of changes. Places like Action Greensboro and Downtown Greensboro are garnering resources to help the city flourish. Not to mention, GSO has suddenly become a foodie town with Crafted and 1618 heading up the scene. And construction on the Downtown Greenway and the Tanger Center for the Performing Arts show there will only be more to do in the upcoming years.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. We’re no Charlotte, and while we share a similar vibe to Raleigh, we aren’t them either.

What Greensboro is developing is it’s own unique cityscape. Entrepreneurs revitalizing old spaces like Revolution Mill and opening new breweries like Joymongers and Little Brother Brewing are contributing further to the Greensboro experience. And the parks, with Lebauer and Center City Parksranking among my favorite spots downtown, are really stepping up their game.

Thanks to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, we can now enjoy adult beverages before noon on Sundays, a fact that hopefully supports the local brunch scene. You can exit a bar at 2am after that last vodka tonic and be back on the streets at 10am to enjoy a Bloody Mary. Not that I would ever do that.

My point is, there is a lot going on in the Gate City, particularly downtown where I am lucky enough to reside. In an attempt to keep up with all the happenings, I’ll post a highlight list each week. I do this anyway, for my own personal pleasure, so why not share it with you?

Years from now, at cocktail parties, I imagine myself in a sleek black dress casually saying, “I lived there before it got big,” in classic hipster fashion. A badge of honor for watching the city grow.

But for now, I’m left pondering all the ways in which my hometown suddenly became cool.