50 Before 50

Recently over cocktails with a friend, we had a great idea.

This friend of mine mentioned that she had a goal of visiting all 50 states by the time she was 50. We began talking about the logistics of such a goal. Does stepping in the state count? What about being in the airport? What must one do, for it to really count?

This is a question that comes up a lot in adventures and in life. What is it that really counts when it comes to pursuing your goals?

And in this case, for my dear friend, food is what counted. She decided that she must not only stop in the state, but also eat a meal there. None of this putting your feet on all four states at the same time nonsense (I see you Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona). No, that won’t do.

Food was her answer as it is to most questions. But for me, there was something else I wanted to do in all 50 states.

No, not that.

I want to write 500 words in every state effectively earning gold stars from all 50. Perhaps, the gold stars will transform into stickers that represent the states, but you get the point. “The 50 Gold Stars Project”! I’ll work on the name.

Life lesson learned: all great ideas are born over cocktails with a friend.

Cheers to visiting all 50 states by the time we are 50. Her, for eating and me for writing. Wait, wait, I will be eating, too.

Currently taking suggestions for great places to eat and/or write in all 50.

Image by Chris Lawton

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